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Trucks for the Boys or First Raccoons battalion is the name we’ve given our charity effort in Ukraine.

Civilian pick-up trucks are in high-demand by front-line troops.

In a war with no air superiority on either side, resupply, infill/exfill and especially the evacuation of the wounded mostly happens with civilian cars and trucks. We started delivering trucks in March last year, and continue today.
Our effort in a nutshell. Created by one of our volunteer drivers

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In total we’ve delivered 204 trucks as of last weekend, and spent ~$2m to do so. About 75% of the donors are from the US and the rest from the UK.
We deliver directly to front-line units in the most need. Our team in London are originally from
Kharkov and Poland, and have built a database of front-line units in need of vehicles. We deliver directly, without middlemen or other intermediaries.

Demand exceeds supply today as the fighting around Bakhmut and other areas is intense, and the number of trucks we can buy is limited. Our driver network could deliver more, but we need more donors.
Trucks are usually at the front within 24 hours of delivery to Lviv or nearby.

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